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John H. Baker

Born: about 1832
Died: about 1909
Married: first in 1856 Elizabeth DeShazo,
after her death aound 1900 married a second time, but it is alleged it didn't last long.

John H. Baker served nine to eleven months as a private in the Confederate Army until he was discharged due to a gunshot wound to his right forearm. The orginal discharge certificate was in the possession of Jack Baker Holt of 11260 Rivercrest, Little Rock, AR 72212. There are many John, J. H. and John H. Bakers who served in the Confederate Army. So far I have not sorted out which one is ours. Possibly either:
John H. - Co. E, 18th Ark, Inf, Pvt
Co. F, Hardy's Reg't, Ark, Inf, Pvt
According to Mr. Holt, John H. tended to drink a little bit too much. He would carry smoked hams into town, sell them and stay there and get very sociable on the proceeds of the sale. He would ride up and down the road to his home proclaiming to one and all "Baker be-gad - Baker be-gad." All the while, carrying his jug of spirits in the stiffened arm shot during the Civil War. He would wave the jug in the air making his proclaimation and from time to time take a swig, as the elbow, although stiffened, was bent or croooked suffciently for the jug to reach his mouth.

It is reported that John H. accompanied his father John T. on a scouting expedition to California in 1853 or 1855. They returned via ship from Montery to the Isthmus of Panama, crossed the Isthmus, then took a ship to New Orleans. They completed the journey by traveling up the Arkansas and White Rivers to Lead Hill, AR and home. In one book erroneously states that he died with his father in the Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1857.

Sarah C. Baker (Feb 1860-Nov. 21, 1883) married Frank Dugger. Both buried at Gobbler's Knob Cemetery.
Charles Allen Baker (1855-1931) married Martha Morris (1871-1967)
F. P. Baker 27 Nov. 1854-8 Nov. 1939 buried Gobbler's Knob Cemetery
George N. Baker 1864-1949 married Martha J. Baker (1865-1933). Both are buried at Gobbler's Knob Cemetery.
Martha Jane Baker, 23 Mar 1866-5 Feb 1934
Nancy Tennessee Baker married Sitz.
Elizabeth Baker married Woods
Mary A. Baker
Silas Baker
Silas Baker
Garnett H. Baker
Belle "Minnie" Baker married Spear

From left to right his children:
Sarah Caroline "Sade" Baker (Feb 1860-Nov. 21, 1883) married Frank Dugger.
Nannie Tennessee "Nancy" Baker married Sitz Charles Allen Baker (1855-1931) married Martha Morris (1871- 1967)
Elizabeth "Liz/Lizzie" Baker married Wood
Mary A. "Aunt Pus" Baker
Silas Baker
Garnett H. Baker
Belle "Minnie" Baker married Spear
Taken at the Baker farm south of Harrison, AR prior to 1931.


Sarah married 1883 in Boone Co, AR, Frank Dugger.
Edd "Eddie" Dugger (Oct. 1884, MO-Oct. 31, 1928, Pontiac, MI)
May Dugger (Sept. 1886, AR)
Claudie "Aunt Claude" Dugger (Sept. 1890, MO) married William "Will" Savage.
Ethel "Auntie" Dugger (Nov. 01, 1893, MO-Sept. 1983, MO)
Tressa/Tressy Dugger (Nov. 10, 1896, MO-June 1984, MO) married Roy Hodges
Walter S. Dugger (Jan. 1899, MO)
Mattie Dugger (Jan 15, 1902-Feb. 1976, MO) married Francis P. Nelson (?-1928). Francis died Oct. 31, 1928 in the same automobile accident as Mattie's Brother Edd. Mattie remarried to Earl Snodgrass.


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