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George H. Moore & Edna Spencer

George H. Moore (1881-1961) married April 13, 1907 Edna Spencer (1885-1958) Edna is the daughter, of Henry and Rhena Spencer. George was courting one of the Ship girls out at Palmyra. He would drive his buggy out to see her. Edna would just happen to be walking out that way "to see a girl friend" and he, being a gentleman, would offer her a ride. Once they got to Palmyra, he would go to the Ships and she would walk home. When his courtship waned at the Ships, he ended up marrying the girl to whom he'd being giving all those buggy rides. The couple is buried in the Morpeth Cemetary.

A. Clifford S. Moore (1908-Dec. 10, 1980) married Helen McLean,
(daughter of Addie Stinson), divorced.

For the web site related to this family see the page of his grandson, David Beck.

Clifford married second Daisy K. Smith (1910-Jan. 6, 1975)

Their tombstone in Morpeth Cemetery.

B. Henry George Moore (Sept. 10, 1915-Feb. 3, 1988) married Beatrice "Bea" Heiser (1919). Someone said that Henry was "a little boy, like the Spencers". (no children)

C. Ada Moore married ?George Scarlett?.
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