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Martha "Mattie" Moore & James "Jim" Hetherington

Martha "Mattie" Moore married James "Jim" Hetherington. When they moved out west Gertrude Street (1899) remembers that her family purchased "Nett", the Hetherington's little driving horse. The kids drove Nett to school. She also remembers that the family had a pet crow with a split tongue that could talk. One day it followed them to church, hopped up on the window ledge and cried "Laura, Laura". Laura was in the choir and turned beet-red. They had to go out and catch the crow. The crow would also pull the clothes pins off the line and let people's wash down.

A. Morden Hetherington married Viola
B. Stanley Hetherington (no children) was very small when he was born.
Gertrude Street (1899) remembers that they rolled him in cotton and put him in a shoe box. He grew up to be quite a big man. Once the schoolmaster, Mr. Black, was going to whip one of his brothers. Stanley just stood in the way until he changed his mind. Sometimes, Stanley and/or the other boys would get to school early and bump the flue to the wood stove that ran across the ceiling of the school house. This would smoke the place up and school would be dismissed for the day. Gertrude wrote to him during WWI. She remembers that he was at least 200 pounds by then. In one of his letters he wrote that he had just finished "reading his shirt [translate-pick off the lice] and shaved and bathed in a salmon tin." Once she sent him a little homemade sack filled with sugar. He wrote back that he had picked wild strawberries and put the sugar on them. It was wonderful and almost tasted like home. His sister Laura died just as he was coming home from overseas, so he had to hurry on home, out west, instead of stopping to see all his old friend around Palmyra.
C. John "Jack" Hetherington (no children)
D. Norman Hetherington
E. Ruth Hetherington married Cecil "Cee" Esterbrook (Vancouver, Burnaby, B.C.).
She is another Chatham Public School of Nursing Graduate.
1. Jean Esterbrook married D. Price (North Vancouver, BC)
2. Donna Esterbrook
3. Laura Esterbrook
4. Calvin Esterbrook
5. Maurice Esterbrook
F. Laura Hetherington (?-died 1918)
G. Carrie Hetherington
H. Lela Hetherington

(I cannot get two people to agree on the age order of these children.)

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