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Ester "Etta" Moore & George Scarlett

Esther Lavinia "Etta" Moore was born Jan. 17, 1877, Fenelon Falls, Victoria Co., Ontario. She died April 19, 1954. In 1895/6, she married George Sylvester Scarlett. George was born June 18, 1873, Orford Twp, Kent co., Ontario. He died Jan. 20, 1967, Kent Co. The Scarlett family, George's parents, lived on a farm in Orford Township just back of Lot 72, Concession 1 owned by Joseph L. Street. Franklyn Smale provided much of the information on this family.

Etta and George had one natural child and adopted the son of her sister Catherine "Kate" Moore Smith.

Pearle V. Scarlett born Feb. 6, 1897, Highgate, Kent Co. and adied May 26, 1963, in MI, USA. She married on July 10, 1917, Frank R. Smale. Frank was born Feb. 7, 1893, and died May 24, 1964, in MI,USA. They had two children and several granchildren. Since they are still living their information is not being posted to this page unless they specifically request it's inclusion.

Harold Clarence Smith Scarlett born May 25, 1907 and died Ocotber 13, 1980. He married Margaret "Madge" Swanton on Sept. 5, 1931. Madge was born in Scotland in 1905 and is still going strong as of March 2000. Madge attended nursing school in Chatham and continaued her volunteer work until very recently. Although childless themselves, they were/are very close to nieces and nephews and the young ones in the family and the families of friends.
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