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Catherine "Kate" Moore and Benjamin Smith

Catherine "Kate" Moore Smith

Catherine "Kate" Moore born about Sept. 28, 1871, died Mar. 31, 1907, married Benjamin Smith. Benjamin was born Jan. 22, 1869, died Feb. 17, 1938. According to Val Moore, Ben's older brother Bob Smith married her grandmother's sister Kate. There was also an Aunt Hannah Smith who may have been a sister to a Thomas Keown. I have not yet been able to determine if these Smiths are related to the Smith's who married the Streets. The information on these families was provided by Shirley Smith and Jeanne Caron of Chatham.

A. Vernon Smith (1896-1967) married Mary Steele (1897-1961).

  1. Clare Leon Smith (1929) married first June 2, 1950 first Merle Allen.
    They later divorced.
    Clare married second Jan. 23, 1966 Elva (Crofts) Garton.
  2. Shirley Louise Smith (1930)

B. Percy Garnet "Mike" Smith (July 26, 1899-March 7, 1964) married March 23, 1920 Loretta Mae "Retta" Riseborough (Oct. 1, 1900-Oct. 18, 1990).

  1. William Garnet "Bill" Smith (Aug. 31, 1923-March 20, 1958) married April 19, 1944 Dora Jean Findlay (1924). (Someone said he was killed in Cornwall during the war-but his death seems to late? Are the birth and death dates scrambled?) Dora raised the children and put them all through school. She worked for Forsyth in Blenheim.
  2. Charles MURRAY Smith (1928) married Sept. 1948 Betty Campbell (1926). Murray was a veterinarian.
  3. Luella JEANNE Smith (1931) married Aug. 3, 1957 Joseph Caron (Oct. 21, 1992-April 22, 1988).
C. Harold Smith (adopted but not until age 21 by his Aunt and Uncle-see Harold Scarlett under Etta Moore.)

Wedding Picture Catherine Moore and Benjamin Smith

Wedding photo provided by Teresa Smith. Wedding occurred in October 1893.
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