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Orford Township, Kent County, Ontario, Canada

Map of Orford Township.

Map of early Orford township to mid-1860s.
Borrowed from Orford's Story 1827-1977 by Charles L. D. McLaren. This book is hard to find in the US, but I recommend it to anyone who has ancestors from Orford. (I finally foung a copy at auction. I will do look-ups. Speed of my replies not guaranteed. :)

The bottom follows the Lake Erie beach.
The straight line above the bottom row of lots was Talbot Road, then King's Highway 1, now I think it is King's Highway 3.

"1" is Clearville
"2" is Palmyra
"3" is Duart
"4" is Muirkirk
"5" is Highgate

Jacob Street and descendants at lot #72. - 2nd tier from bottom, 5th lot from left.

Lockwood Street. 1st tier from bottom, 10th from left, was his brother

John Street lot 67, possibly not a relative of first 2 Streets.

John Teetzel, lot #7, top row, descendant of John Solomon Teetzel born in Germany, but have not had time to positively identified which John Teetzel. (If you have already figured it out, please let me know.)

The lot just below lot #13 in top row, was occupied by Thomas Hewson in 1881.

John Moore, lot 2nd down from lot #8, would like to know who this is as my John Moore was born after 1861, and his father was Richard Morgan Moore.

Gosnell Cemetery is on either lot 1,2, or 3, I have misplaced that information.

Pictures taken about 1900 at or near Palmyra,
Orford Township, Kent County, Ontario.

What do you know about the places shown in these pictures?

I have not throughly compared these to other pictures I have to determine the exact buildings and directions the pictures were taken. I was just so excited to get copies, scan them and put them up. I would like to know anything you know about the places and people who lived and worked at the places pictured. I have a diary from the Street Farm (lot#72) written in 1892. It mentions the stores, the price of items sold and bought, births, deaths and community events. I would like to collect similar items from diaries and letters from this part of Kent County for a future book, or to help tell who the people and places mentioned in the diary are. I have found no one interested in publishing the diary commercially, so I will print it on my own computer. All contributors will receive a copy. Please cite your sources, I will site you and your source and list your contact information IF you express a desire to have it included.

From Orford Sequicenennial 1827-1977,
page 18, from the article "Orford and its communities"


The first settlers in this village included Jacob Street and Benjamin Loudks from New York, and then the Eberle brothers, John Abraham, Anthony, Jospeh, Jacob and William of Pennsylvania.

Nathaniel Mills of Great Britain followed along with Alexander McTavish, the Morehouses, and Armstrongs.

The first school was built and was replaced in 1880-1881. Then in 1915 a furnace was installed for the first time and again in 1930 it was wired for electricity.

The Palmyra Baptists were the first to organize a Sunday School in Orford, while the present church in Palmyra was built by John Johnston of Highgate and still stands although it has not been used since 1956.

In early times Palmyra oasted a post-office, a grocery store started by John Mills, a shoe repair shop, cheese factory and a blacksmith shop.

Palmyra is also the birthplace of the Honorable David Mills born May 18, 1831, the son of Nathaniel and Mary Mills, the original settlers and appointed as the Cabinet Minister under Alexander Mackenzie. ...

Among the industries enjoyed by the citizens of Palmyra were fishing with their products being shipped to New york, Windsor, Detroit and Chicago."

I have indexed some little booklets that are about Kent Co. Click on link for index. It is a text file, you can search using “edit” “find”.

Palmyra Memories, History of School Section No. 2, Mrs. Yvonne M. MacPherson

Morpeth United Church, 1877-1977, Mrs. J. M. Smith and Ms Helene Duck

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Keown Family: of Victoria County, Ontario, Canada, 3 Keown siblings married 3 Moore siblings.

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Street Family: This family lived at Palmyra, Orford Township, Kent Co., Ontario, Canada

William Stinson Family: Came from Ireland before 1840.

Picture of Allen Family: Frank T. Allen married first Margaret Jane "Mattie" Street before 1877.

Daughter of Frank Allen and Mattie Street, "Mae" Allen married Herbert Rogers.: Two sons, but only Walter ROSS Rogers survived to adulthood. They resided in Port Arthur/Thunderbay, Ontario.

Picture of Willson and Church family: Earl Church married Helen Willson, daughter of Collins Willson and Jennie Stinson.

Pictures taken in Kent County, Ontario: Places in Kent County Ontario.

Pictures of people believed to have lived in Kent County Ontario prior to 1925.: These are pictures where at least one person is identified.

Pictures believed to have been taken by Alf Sewell of Kent County, Ontario.: Alf was killed while serving overseas during WWI.

Surname List: Surnames, dates and locations for major names I am working on or cousins I am trying to contact. US and Canada.

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