Thomas Hewson

Born: Jan./Feb. 26, 1813 Landsborough, Yorkshire, England
Died: September 28, 1891 (age 78-TS) at Palmyra, Kent Co.,
Buried:  Gosnell Cemetery near Highgate.
Married Jane Hunter in Kent Co., Ontario, Canada in 1830 or
	Feb. 2, 1836.

	Although the spelling Houghson and Hughson have been shown in some places, all the legal documents, insurance premium payments, and the family tombstones show Hewson.  The newspaper obituary and the Commemorative Biographical Record of Kent County (p.273) both show Hughson, however, on page 176 it is Hewson.  In the obituary it states that, he came with his family to Upper Canada in 1846, settling in Bastard Township, Leeds County.  He was married Feb. 2, 1836.  In 1852 the family moved to Muir-Kirk, Orford, Kent County. After his wife's death he lived with his daughter Mary Jane Street.
	In Commemorative Biographical Record of County Kent, Ontario (K) the date of their arrival in Kent Co. is given as 1830 on page 273 and as 1843 on page 176.  In N-108 the date is 1834, with residence in 1881 as the farm at lot 13, CON 5, 47 acres in Kent Co.  His occupation is consistently given as farmer.  His age at death has been given as both 79 and 80.  His politics were said to be Conservative and he was said to have served in the Rebellion of 1837.  His daughter Rachel's birth place is given as Bastard, Peel Co (1837), supporting the 1843 arrival in Kent Co..
	In the Christian Guardian there is an obituary:  Hewson, Mrs. Elizabeth, came to Canada about 7 years ago with eldest son and family after her husband died near Howden, Yorkshire.  The family settle Chinguacovsy Twp where she died Dec. 31, 1838, age 74.  This is the area where our Hewsons are from, but I do not know that this is our Thomas Hewson's mother.  Thomas's own funeral card says he was from Landsborough, Yorkshire.  The closest place name in Yorkshire is Londesborough.  I went to the church yard there and did find Hewson tombstones.  Howden is a large town about 13 miles south of Londesborough.  Unfortunately, I did not have time to investigate the local records.  All sources agree they were members of the Methodist church.

William "Will" Hewson (1839 in Orford or Lambton Co.) married in 1859 Mary J. Newcomb of Grenville, Oxford Township.
	  ^i. Henrietta Elizabeth Hewson (Jan 1868)
	 ^ii. Thomas Ernest Hewson (April 10, 1871)
	^iii. Anna Rebecca Hewson (Aug 18, 1875)

Mary Jane Hewson (May 14, 1842 at the family residence near Palmyra-Sept. 28, 1932) first married in 1861 Mackie Davis Tait (1836-Oct. 7, 1863).  Second married Joseph Lockwood Street.  (She had no children with Mr. Tait, see Joseph Lockwood Street for children.)  Her prior husband's last name is sometimes given as Tate.  But Tait is on everything written by him, her and his relatives and his tombstone.  His father was James Tait. 
			Her children are shown under Street). 

Rachel Hewson (Jan 1, 1853) married Horace H. Hills (July 31, 1834, Ermosa).  Horace H. Hills was the son of Levy Hills (1802-May 1846, age 34) and Ruby Pangborn (1810- Dec. 1894, age 84).   Horace's grandparents were Loyalists who came from the United States.  (His brother Hiram H. Hills died in Kansas.)  His grandfather was also named Levy Hills.  Rachel and Horace were members of the Methodist church.

	  ^i. Charles E. Hills (died age 31)
	 ^ii. Horace H. Hills  (died age 28)
	^iii. Ruby Jeannie Hills (died while engaged to Tommy ?)
	 ^iv. Thomas W. or William Thomas Hills married Helen D. "Nellie" Haining daughter of Robert Haining and Elizabeth Boyd.  Gertrude Street (1899) remembers her was being very jolly despite having both legs amputated due to circulation problems in her later life.  Nellie was very thoughtful and brought yellow nasturtiums to the golden wedding party for the Streets.
			A. Charles H. "Hollie" Hills married Ethel ? (Windsor)
				B. Rachel Hills (died June 1992) married Chittick. (Teeswater)
			C. Robert "Bert" Hills married Lottie ?(Howard township)
				1. Bob Hills (Ridgetown).  His first wife died in 1988 and he remarried.
				2. Helen Hills married Mr. Simpson.  After his death she remarried to Mr. Fields.
				3. Ross Hills
				4. son "Pint-sized" Hills

The LDS listings for Yorkshire England list a number of Hewson events in Londesborough.
	William Hewson and Jane ?
		A. Rossanna Hewson christened June 23, 1806
		B. William Hewson christened Sept 14, 1808
		C. Isabella Hewson christened Feb 17, 1811
		D. Thomas Hewson christened Mar 10, 1818

	William Hewson and Mary ?
		A. John Hewson christened Sept 7, 1828 (possibly
			a different Wm & Mary Hewson)
		B. Jane Hewson christened June 12, 1836
		C. Elizabeth Hewson christened Feb 11, 1838
		D. Isabella Hewson christened Mar 29, 1840
		E. Thomas Hewson christened June 12, 1842 

	John Hewson & Eliza ?
		A. William Hewson christened July 31, 1853

	John Hewson christened April 13, 1831 only Isabella Hewson listed as parent.

Tombstones in the church yard at Londesborough:
Mary Hewson wife who died ...1865.
Jane wife of William Hewson also from 1800s, date unclear.


Thomas Hewson and his funeral card.

Mary Jane Hewson Tait Street


From left to right:
Back row: Tom Hills, Sylvester Street, wife Mary White, Maurice Street, wife Louise Chant, Nellie Haining wife of Tom Hills
Sitting on chairs: sisters, Rachel Hewson Hills and Mary Jane Hewson Street
Sitting on grass: "Holly" and Rachel Hills


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