It appears likely that all persons with the last name Lippelman/ Lippelmann in the United States are related to each other. However, the Leppelman(n)s who appear in Ohio census records are from Denmark. There were at least three brothers, and probably some cousins, who came to the United States in the mid 1800s. Gus describes the Lippelmanns as large, big boned people. This is supported by a picture of three Lippelmann brothers dated 1881. We have found no living person who knows which brothers are pictured or who is who. However, we have now located contempary pictures of two of the three brothers and believe that the brother seated on left is Herman Henry Lippelmann of St. Louis, standing brother is John H. Lippelmann of St. Louis, and the brother seated on the right is Herman Henry Lippelmann of Cincinatti.

See picture below of Herman Henry Lippelman of Cincinnati with his wife Sophia Tucker married Dec. 18, 1864 in Cincinnati. OH. Based on the beard no mustache, and the ears, we assume he is the gentleman on the far right. See second picture below of John H. Lippelmann and his family. His face is long, like the standing brother, verses square like the brother sitting on the left.

There were probably more than the 2 copies found to date: the one we have and one in Germany.

On our APril 2003 trip to Germany, we attended the Marienkirche. Here are all the Lippelmann cousins at the church 27 April 2003.

The Family Tree

Per a family tree made in Germany. Unfortunately it does not show lines for those who immigrated to the United States.


Born 1653, died Oct. 15, 1705, married Nov. 1, 1679 Iisabein Meyering. They lived at Melle, Germany.


Born 1680, died Dec. 2, 1748, married Anna Katharine Groppel.


Born Feb. 12, 1706, married April 10, 1730 Anna Katharine Moller.
Kord Herman Lippelmann (Feb. 10, 1732)
Anna Katharine Lippelmann (April 7, 1735)
Anna Katharine Lippelmann (Sept. 18, 1738)


Born Feb. 10, 1732, married Marie Elisabeth Uphaus.
Katharine Marie Lippelmann (July 21, 1767)
Herman Heinrich Lippelmann (June 10, 1770-April 6,1808)
Johann Heinrich Jobst Lippelmann (Sept. 24, 1772)
Katharine Marie Lippelmann (Sept. 22, 1775)
Anna Marie Elisabeth Lippelmann (April 11, 1777)

JOHANN HEINRICH LIPPELMANN - Germany - common 1st generation

Born June 10, 1770 - note inconsistency above shows Herman Heinrich with this date of birth???
Married July or Nov. 25, 1795 Katharine Marie Overbeck
Herman Heinrich Lippelmann (Jan. 26, 1797-Aug. 2, 1887) married Catharina Maria Brune June 19, 1827 Borgholzhausen, Evangelisch (Lutheran).
Anna Marie Lippelmann (Dec. 10, 1799) married Mar. 27, 1829 to Peter Heinrich Stute-Heermann per extracted marriage records Evangelisch, Werther.
Caspar Heinrich Lippelmann (Dec. 26, 1802-May 24, 1889) married Feb. 22, 1827 Frederica Charlotte Horst???? (died Aug. 2, 1865). Ancestor of Some of the Cincinnati & St. Louis Lippelman(n)s
Johann Herman Lippelmann (Feb. 18, 1806-May 19, 1878)married 1831 Anna Marie Elisabeth Wessling, Kansas Lippelman's ancestors.

CASPER HERMANN LIPPELMANN - Germany 2nd generation

Born Dec. 26, 1802 Baring Dutteng, died May 24, 1889, age 86
Married Feb. 22, 1827 Frederica Charlotte Horstkotte
She died Aug. 2, 1865, age 59yr, 1 m, 29 dy.

Peter Henry Lippelmann (1828)-possibly the Peter H. Lippelmann in Cincinnati?????--He could be the third Lippelmann in the 3 brothers picture????
Hermann Heinrich Lippelmann (1831/32). This is the brother who settled in Cincinnati.
Johann Herman Lippelmann (June 14, 1844). I am fairly certain this is the brother who settle in St. Louis and used the name Herman Henry Lippelmann.
Anne Marie Elisabeth Lippelmann (LDS-I cut off year, redo.)
Anna Isabein Lippelmann (1850)
Catherine Isabein Lippelmann (died May 17, 1941)

From the LDS microfilm of the German records, it appears Casper was named for his grandfather Casper Heinrich Oberbeck.

JOHANN HERMAN LIPPELMAN - Germany 2nd generation

Born Feb. 18, 1806, died May 19, 1878, married Sept 24, 1831 Anna Marie Elisabeth Wessling
1. William Lippelmann 1830. His great-nephew, Gustave Lippelmann, Jr. says that their family visited him in Cincinnati in 1922 on their way to Germany to visit the family remaining there. Gustave remembered they lived on a farm outside Cincinnati, and thought William had been the mayor of Cincinnati at one time. (He may be confusing him with the H. H. Lippelman of Cincinnati who was a councilman in Cincinnati.)
2. Marie Iisabein Lippelmann (Sept. 6, 1832-May 7, 1889)
3. Johann Lippelmann (1831 or 1833) per Gustave Lippelmann, Jr. originally went to Cincinnati, but moved west and contact with the family was lost. (Possibly the John H. Lippelmann in St. Louis. The year of birth matches.)
4. Johann Heinrich Lippelmann (May 5, 1834-July 20, 1905) married Stuckmann.
5. Peter Heinrich Lippelmann (July 8, 1835-May 18, 1898) was a doctor, possibly of both people and animals. He married Bohmer (no children)
married second Loehoefener
ancestors of the Kansas, Lippelmanns
6. Johann Friedreich Lippelmann (Sept. 19, 1837-May 29, 1905) married Katharine Iisabein Grohmann. I think they lost a child in 1842 as they are listed under births, without a number for a child.
7. Anna Marie Lippelmann (June 5, 1846-May 19, 1919) Sept. 25, 1874 married to Hermann Heinrich Dickenhorst per marriage records extracted Evangelisch, Spenge.

Note: The years of birth for Marie and Johann H. match closely with the Marie Lippelmann arrival record previously mentioned and the St. Louis "John H." Lippelmann. Gustave said only the Lutherans who stayed in Germany are on the stammbaum, family tree, and that made his father very dissatisfied with the tree. Gustave thought that there was a Pieper farm near the Lippelmann's in Barduffingdorf. He places the Loehefener farm at Ruber Werther. He remembers it was near the Black Forest and the "Ditmal statute".

HEINRICH LIPPELMANN - Germany 3rd generation

Born July 8, 1835, died July 20, 1905(?), married Bohmer (no children), married second ? (no children), married third Friederieke Loehoefener widow of Mr. Nagel. She had 4 children with Mr. Nagel.
a. Gustave Henry Lippelmann (Jan 27, 1883-Nov 4, 1957) married Ilka C. Heuler (Nov. 25, 1886-March 1977), Oberlin, KS. (1) Ilonka Lippelmann (1910-1958) (no children) (2) Gustave Henry Lippelmann, Jr (1911) (no children) Oberlin, KS (3) Raymond Harold Lippelmann (June 19, 1919- 1997) Lyons, KS married in 1946 Evelyn June Rickabaugh (4) Joan Lippelman (Dec. 24, 1926) married Hedrick (no children) b. Henry Lippelmann (Sept 18, 1884-April 27, 1943) married Edythe Orrell. He came to US in about 1908 and returned to Germany about 1919. (1) Gordon Lippelmann (May 29, 1923-Dec. 1979) married Mille ? (a) Dan Lippelmann married Vickie ? (i) son


Born: April 5, 1831 (1870 census shows 33=1837, 1880 census shows 48=1832) Wallenbrucke, Westfallen, (Westphalia), Germany per 1920 census
Died: Oct. 8, 1926 in Cincinnati, OH
Buried: Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH
Married: first Anne Mary Gerke/Gerkin (?-1864) on Aug. 8, 1861 in Hamilton Co, OH. (LDS film #3344481) She was the daughter of Johann "John" Gerke. She died a few days after John Henry was born in December of 1864.
Children: a. Anna Catherine Lippelman (Nov. 9, 1861-Oct. 17, 1862) died of typhoid fever at 11 months
b. Johann Heinrich "John Henry" Lippelman (Dec. 18, 1864- March 28, 1865) died of whooping cough at age 3 months, 10 days (Volksfriend, Mar 30, 1986, E p.69).
Married second Sophia M. Tucker (1847-1921) (census July 1870-23, June 1880-32), born in Ohio of German parents. Her father was William Tucker. PICTURE ABOVE
Children: all born in Ohio
c. Herman Henry Lippelman, Jr (Dec. 4, 1866-Dec. 23/24, 1866)
d. William "Bill" Lippelman (March 9, 1868-July 5, 1915) died of cirrhosis of the liver at age 47
e. Harry Lippelman (Sept./Oct. 1869-1937 in Canada) Different months of birth shown on different censuses. He married Lillian (1877)
(1) Robert W. Lippelman (1907, KY)
f. John George "Jack" Lippelman (June 25, 1871-Dec. 5, 1946) died of coronary occlusion at age 75. He married Bertha Mary Peck (Feb. 2, 1876-May 20, 1933). In the 1890 city directory he was listed as a clerk with Union Mutual Fire Insurance. Later, he was Secretary of Blackburn Varnish Co. He is the John Lippelman (1872) in 1920 census for Cincinnati, listed with a wife Bertha 43, KY; John K. 16, Richard 12, and Annie Kelly 62, Ireland.
(1) Richard P. Lippelmann (March 8, 1907-Aug. 8, 1993). Richard was adopted. He married Lola Littlefield. They lived in Palm Harbor, FL. He was an electrical engineer at the Pensacola Naval Air Station.
(A) Robert Lippelmann of Newport Richey, FL.
(B) John Lippelmann, MD, of Tampa, FL.> (C) Mary Anne Lippelmann married Mr. Ward, of Odessa , FL.> g. Clara Helen Lippelman (June 1873-1925)
h. Casper HENRY "Lucker" Lippelman (Nov. 9, 1874-Dec. 2, 1925) died in an auto train accident at age 51.
i. Andrew Erkenbrecher Lippelman (Oct. 5, 1876-May 13, 1974) died at age 98. He married Bertha van Nes (1883)
(1) Hans van Nes Lippelman (12 Sept 1907-1994)
(2) Margaret Elizabeth van Nes Lippelman (5 Nov 1907)
(3) Andrew Erkenbrecher Lippelman, Jr (Nov. 28, 1908-March 1970) married Roberta ?.
(4) Jane Coates Cartwright Lippelman (17 May 1911)
j. Anna Marie "Mary" Lippelman (Nov. 7, 1878-June 1, 1928) died at age 50.
k. Anna C. "Anne" or "Annie" Lippelman (1880-1966) married ? Anderson
(1) Thomas Anderson (1906)
l. Alice Sophia Lippelman (1882-1980)
m. Laura Ella Lippelman (Aug. 2, 1884-Aug. 8, 1884) died at a few days of enlargement of the liver.
n. Walter George "Jimmy" Lippelman (June 19, 1885-March 18, 1974) died at age 89.
o. Estelle "Stella" Lippelman (Oct. 31, 1887-Dec. 30, 1970) died at age 83 in Cincinnati.
p. Viola Blanche Lippelman (March 21, 1890-July 18, 1890) died at 4 months of "summer complaint".

JOHANN H. "JOHN" LIPPELMAN - 1st generation - Missouri
Born Feb. 1835 (1900 census) Germany
Married Charlotta (March 1838 per 1900 census, Hanover, Germany)
a. Laura Lippelman (1863). Probably the Laura Lippelman who married Charles Thuener on Nov. 29, 1883 in St. Louis, MO.
b. Adelia Lippelmann (1869)
c. Matilda Lippelman (1872)
d. Olinda Lippelman (1 Oct. 1880)

Possibly Johann Lippelmann (age 19 per arrival records 1854) who sailed on the ship "Johannes" from Bremen arriving at New Orleans on 23 Oct. 1854. That Johann's destination was listed as Cincinnati, OH. The earliest St. Louis reference I have found to Lippelmann is John H. Lippelmann listed as a member of the St. Louis Merchant's Exchange on Jan. 1, 1866, at 13th and Market. The name of the company is always John H. Lippelmann Co., sometimes with the addition of Flour & Feed. From 1867 to 1870 his business address is given as Jefferson Ave & Conde St. In 1872 John H. Lippelmann's listing changes to Broadway Market, and H. H. Lippelmann is first listed with a flour and feed business at Jefferson & Conde. John H. Lippelmann is no longer listed with the exchange beginning in 1874. However, in 1876, H. H. Lippelmann lists his company affiliation as John H. Lippelmann & Bros. Feed. It is probable that he is the John H. Lippelmann who worked for Charles Thuerner & Company at 10 S. Jefferson Ave and who lived in Kirkwood per the St. Louis 1889 directory. (Note: the Laura Lippelmann who married a 1883 Thuerner was probably his daughter.) In 1891 & 1893, he is probably the John H. Lippelmann, president of Seymour Schulze Galvanized Iron and Cornice Company, 8 S. Jefferson, residence Kirkwood. In 1895, he is listed as the President of Benton Hay, Grain, & Flour Co., 6400 manchester Ave, residence Kirkwood. Beginning in 1896 the company is listed as the John H. Lippelmann Hay, Grain & Flour Company at 6531-6547 Manchester Ave. In 1901 the Lippelmann Grain & Feed Company was no longer listed, and the Schultz Brothers Grain & Feed was located at 6533 Manchester. Since John H. was previously president of a company with Seymour Schulze in the title, the grain company may have still been in the family. (Schultz maybe his wife's maiden name or the name of a brother- in-law.)

JOHANN H. "HERMAN HENRY" "H. H." LIPPELMANN - lst generation - MO

Born: June 14, 1844, Barduffingdorf, Westphalia, Germany
Died: Feb 24, 1894, St. Louis, MO
Married: Karoline Wilhelmine "Mina/Minnie" Pieper (June 1849 per 1900 census) on Aug. 28, 1870 in St. Louis, MO.
a. Laura B. Lippelmann (1871) married June 5, 1895 Rudolph Schellhammer.
b. H. W. EDWARD Lippelmann (1875-1950) married first Lydia, married second Sophia AMANDA Anderson
c. Herman William "WILL" Lippelmann (1878)
d. Harry W. Lippelmann (1880-1960) married Julia
e. Lydia "Aunt Lyd" Lippelmann (1884-1966) married Charles Ens
f. Walter J. Lippelmann (1888)

William H. Edward Lippelmann
2nd generation - Missouri

Born: July 25, 1875 St. Louis, MO
Died: Sept. 15, 1950 Springfield, MO
Married: (3 years per 1900 census) Lydia (Aug. 1879 per 1900 census)
(1) Viola Lippelmann (Sept. 1898 per 1900 census) Married second: Sophia AMANDA Anderson Nov. 11, 1916 at Roach, MO.

This is Edward and Sophia later in life.

(2) Mildred Amanda Lippelmann (April 23, 1918-1997)
(3) Edward Stanley "Jack" Lippelmann (1920)

My husband is the second child of Mildred Amanda Lippelmann and Harold W. Hodges . Harold ROY Hodges born 1951, married 1971 Joyce E. Moore (1952).
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