MOORE FAMILY of Ridgetown, Kent Co. and Emily, Victoria Co., Ontario

Richard Morgan Moore (Jan. 1840-June 2, 1932, age 92 yrs, 5 mons) married Ruth Keown (1846-Aug. 20, 1911, age 65). His father was Jeremiah Moore, born in Ireland. His mother was Martha Morgan. Jeremiah and Martha were married on 7 Feb 1839. On the same day Joseph Moore married Catherine Morgan. The witnesses for both ceremonies were Samuel Newman and John Morgan. We think that Jeremiah and Joseph were brothers and that Martha and Catherine were sisters. Jeremiah died about 1954. Y-DNA testing for descendants of two of Richard Morgan Moore's sons show matches to a John Moore family of Wesleyan Methodists from Kilgarriff Parish, Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland and Moher family of Roman Catholics, with a more distant relationship, also from County, Cork. Richard's sisters Est(h)er (1842) and Eliza Jane (1844) married Ruth's brothers John and Robert Keown. Ruth married Nov. 24, 1864 in Northumberland John Keown. Eliza Jane "Liza" Moore (1844) married Robert Keown. There use to be yearly reunions at "the Eau" where the triple cousins and extended family would "take over the park" for a day.

Farm house of Richard Morgan Moore

Richard Morgan Moore was born Jan. 1840 in "Canada West". He resided in the Emily/Omemee area of Victoria Co. He purchased the farm upon which his house still stands in 1883. It is located in Kent Co., Ontario, between Ridgetown and Lake Erie. (picture 1993)

Some of their children. Sitting in front Etta Moore Scarlett, Standing left to right: Richard, Ernest, Ada Moore Taylor, George, John A./Jack, William Moore

Children with spouses: Left to right:
Some of these are guesses as it was hard to tell from the writing on the back of the photo which name went with each person. Back row 14 people:
Henry Moore (son of George) b. 1915, Bea Moore (wife of Henry) b. 1919, Harold Scarlet b. 1907, Murray Clark (son of Myrtle Taylor Clark) b.1935, Glen Moore (son of John) b.1897, Maxine Moore Dunlop (Daughter of William Moore) b.1916, Stanley Clark b. 1896, Ada Moore (wife of Glen Moore), Myrtle Taylor Clark (daughter of Ada Moore Taylor) b.1903, Leita Taylor Stirling (daughter of Ada Moore Taylor) b. 1905, Isabel Moore (wife of Harvey Moore), Lestere Beck (husband of Shirley Moore) b. 1928, Margaret Moore (daughter of Harvey Moore) her date of birth would help date the picure, Harvey Moore (son of William Moore)
Row sitting at bottom of picture:
Shirley Moore Beck (daughter of Clifford Moore) b.1930, Donna Clark Suiter (daughter of Mrytle Taylor Clark) b. 1927, baby-possibly Wayne Stanley Clark born 1948?, Gary Moore, Ronald Moore, Anne Moore, Carolyn Moore (4 children of Harvey and Isabel Moore), probably Jonathan Clark b. 1943.

John A. "Jack" Moore, oldest son of Richard Morgan Moore and Ruth Keown. He married Margaret Jane "Maggie" Lounsbury. They had 3 sons, Glen born 1897, Orlo Harry born 1900, and Garnet born Jan. 21, 1911. (Only the two oldest boys appear in this picture.)

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Esther Lavinia "Etta" Moore (1877-1954)married George Sylvester Scarlett (1873-1967).
Future Moore-Scarlett Family Page.

Martha "Mattie" Moore married James "Jim" Hetherington.
Future Home Moore-Hetherington Family.

William Franklyn "Will" Moore (1883-1971) married Vera Rose Snobelen (1890).
(another source says Snowlen.) William married second Josie.
Coming soon--I hope--William Moore (1833) Family

Earnest A. "Ernie" Moore (1889-1978) married Lela J. Bentley (1891-1954).
Future Home of Ernie, Lela and Val Moore

Richard James "Dick" Moore (1879-1956) married Edna Groves "Ted" Steele
Future Home Groves-Moore Family

Catherine "Kate" Moore (1871?-1907) married Benjamin Smith (1869-1938).
Future Home of Moore-Smith Family

George H. Moore (1881-1961) married 1907 Edna Spencer (1885-1958)
Future Home of Spencer-Moore Family

Ada Moore married Herbert Taylor (1881-May 15, 1946).
Future Home of Moore-Taylor Family
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