Thomas Stanley

Possibly the Thomas Standley, Sr, listed with Thomas Standley, Jr and James Standley as being granted on
Dec 16, 1714, 800 acres in New Kent under patent from the Hon. Alexander Spotswood, His Majesty's
Lt. Governor and Commander in Chief of this Dominion. (XX-101) He was one of the early settlers of
Hanover Co, VA, settling there prior to 1719. A Thomas Stanley is in the records as early as 1686. In
1724 a Thomas and a James Stanley were imprisoned for failure to pay tithes and priests

* James Stanley (April 15, 1688) (see JAMES STANLEY)
Thomas Stanley, Jr, first overseer of Cedar Creek MM, Hanover Co, VA, April 2, 1722.
(I am assuming based on the ages that these are this Thomas' children and not those of the above father.) (TT-16-17) (T-v.6-p.268)

I. Maddox Stanley (Aug 17, 1715-Sept 6, 1771) married Huldah Maghe
A. John Stanley (Jan 23, 1747) married Milley Stanley, daughter of John Stanley
1. Huldah Stanley married Littleberry Crew
B. Elizabeth Stanley (May 15, 1749)
C. William Stanley (July 22, 1750)
D. Obediah Stanley (April 27, 1751)
E. Mary Stanley (Oct 7, 1753)
F. Rachel Stanley (June 6, 1757)
G. Huldah Stanley (Sept 2, 1759)
H. Maddox Stanley (March 15, 1761)
II. Elizabeth Stanley (March 29, 1718)
Thomas married second Elizabeth
III. Margery/Margory Stanley (Aug 1, 1722) married Gideon Ellyson
IV. Mary Stanley(June 5, 1729) married at Cedar Creek MM, VA, ? Hoggatt.
V. Thomas Stanley (Feb 9, 1731)
VI. Pleasant Stanley (April 25, 1733) married Sarah Maggee
VII. John Stanley (Jan 27, 1735) married Ann Ballard IX. Sarah Stanley (Jan 6, 1739)
X. Anne Stanley (June 7, 1741) married William Ballard
XI. Nathan Stanley (Jan 7, 1743)
XII. Joseph Stanley (Oct. 21, 1747)

James Stanley

Born: April 15, 1688 possibly Hartford, CT
Died: prior to 1764
Married March 5, 1728 Catherine Hutchins (d.Dec 20, 1766)
who was the daughter of Nicholas Hutchins in Henrico Co, VA.

John and James Stanley are list as some of the first Quakers to settle in
Hanover Co, VA. At least by 1719 they had started a monthly meeting and in 1721
were attached to the Henrico MM of PA. I believe it was this James along with
John Stanley and John Harris who were listed on in 1724 as being imprisoned for refusal
to pay tithe and priest wages to the state church. They were later released,
"against their wills" when a non-Quaker paid the money they owed. (T-v.6-p.223-4)
A James Stanley is listed as having 8 sheep seized for refusal to pay tithes to the
state church and to bear arms. In 1735 a rug is listed as seized for the same reason.
In 1736 a James Stanley was given assistance because, "he being at great charge
in keeping his wife's mother, Mary holme who has been helpless four sometime."
In July 1739, a James Stanley contributed 5"0 toward the Cedar Creek Meeting House
building. (T-v.6-p.269) This meeting house was located 3 miles beyond the South Anna
River, just SE of the Montpelier Post Office. It was abandon, and in 1904 was
destroyed in a forest fire. (T-v.6-p.226) Catherine and daughters Martha and
Agnes requested a transferred from Cedar Creek MM, Va to New Garden MM, NC
Sept 8, 1764. Catherine died in North Carolina in 1766.

These Virginia Quakers proposed the abolishment of slavery in 1766. Each year
the rules concerning slavery became stricter and by 1775 no member of the Society
of Friends in Virginia was permitted to own another human being and keep his/her
membership in the church. (T-v.6-p.225)

Children: (T-v.6-p.268) (TT-17)

*	William Stanley (June 4, 1729 O.S.-Nov 11, 1807) married Nov 28,
           1758 Elizabeth Walker (Sept 26, 1732 O.S.-Nov 9, 1807)
	James Stanley (March 26, 1731-prior to April 1765) married
		Oct. 23, 1754 Elizabeth Ellyson, daughter of William Ellyson
and Agnes Johnson.  (MD-257-8)
		A. Caleb Stanley (Aug 6, 1758)
	Mary Stanley (June 27, 1733)
	Martha Stanley (March 21, 1736)
	Micajah Stanley (Nov 28, 1739-May 25, 1819) married Aug 31,
		1765 Barbary/Barbara Walker (Oct 10, 1765-Mar 13, 1813) (T-v.1-p.515, v.6-564)
		A. Mahlon Stanley (Oct 6, 1766) married Hannah
		   1. Israel Stanley (Dec 29, 1795-prior 1850) married
				Elizabeth ? (d. Oct 9, 1850)
		   2. Isaac Stanley (Jan 18, 1795)
		   3. John Stanley (July 6, 1797)
	        4. Rebekah Stanley (Dec 4, 1799)
		   5. Buly Stanley (Sept 26, 1801)
		   6. Phebe Stanley (April 17, 1803)
 		   7. Asa Stanley (Jan 8, 1805)
		   8. Jane Stanley (Sept 12. 1806)
		   9. Sarah Stanley (May 3, 1810)
	       10. Thomas Stanley (Nov 28, 1813)
  		  11. William Stanley (Nov 28, 1813) (twin) 
		B. James Stanley (Dec 19, 1768)
		C. Sarah Stanley (Mar 22, 1772)
		D. William Stanley (June 28, 1776-Jan 3, 1800)
		E. Anthony Stanley (Jan 3, 1773/8)
		F. Catherine Stanley (May 28, 1779)
		G. Isaac Stanley (July 5, 1782) married Ester ?
			(d. Dec 21, 1812)
		   1. Henry Stanley (Dec 28, 1810)
		   2. Anna Stanley (Sept 17, 1812)
		   married second ?
		   3. Charles Stanley (Aug 23, 1815)
             4. Betsy Stanley (March 14, 1817)
		   5. Uriah Stanley (May 6, 1820)
		   6. Ester Stanley (May 27, 1822)
		   7. John Stanley (Dec 8, 1826)
		   8. Mary Stanley (Oct 12, 1824-July 27, 1827)
		   9. Rittitha (?) Stanley (June 20, 1828)
	Agnes Stanley (June 20, 1743)
	Strangeman Stanley (Nov 7, 1745) married Jemima Mills
		(d. Dec. 6, 1799) (T-v.1-p.516)
		A. Catherine Stanley (Sept 22, 1766-Oct 5, 1767)
		B. Isaiah Stanley (Dec 31, 1767)
		C. Michael Stanley (May 1, 1771-1838) married
			Mary Gurley (1771-1858)
			1. Samuel Stanley (1793-1846)
			2. Elizabeth Stanley (1793-1867)
			3. Abigail Stanley (1795-1872)
			4. Jonathan Stanley (1797-1823)
			5. John Stanley (1799-1842)
			6. Moses Stanley (1801-1822)
			7. Aaron Stanley (1803)
			8. Rebecca Stanley (1805-1881)
			9. Nathan Stanley (1807-1837)
			10. Ira Stanley (Dec. 1, 1808-July 13, 1888)
				married Elizabeth "Betsy" Bennett (April 4, 1815-
March 28, 1882)  They lived near Wayne Co, IN. 
				a. Daniel Stanley (Nov. 21, 1835)
				b. Josiah Stanley (Aug. 11, 1837-1908)
				c. Ruth Ann Stanley (July 30, 1839)
				d. Abigail Stanley (July 30, 1841-1842)
				e. Precilla Stanley (June 4, 1843-1844)
				f. Oliver Stanley (June 16, 1845-1846)
				g. William B. or P. Stanley (Jan. 11, 1847)
				h. Lucinda Stanley (Nov.  3, 1848)
				i. Emily "Emma" Stanley (March 22, 1850)
					married Alpha Langston
					(1) Walter Langston
					(2) Ira Langston
				j. John Stanley (June 2, 1853-Aug. 28, 1854)
				k. Isabella Stanley (Oct. 27, 1856)
			11. Josiah Stanley (1810-1870)  (Richmond, IN)
				married first Mary Stanley daughter of John Stanley,
and a double first cousin.
				a.  Jabez Stanley (b. 1838 in NC). 
			     Mary died, and Josiah married Anna Gause (dau. of
 Nathan).  Their children, all born at Spiceland, IN were:
        			b. Mary J. Stanley (Aug. 29, 1844)
        			c. Amos Stanley (Sep. 1, 1846)
        			d. Lindley Hoag Stanley  (Dec. 9, 1847)
	  			    (1)? Stanley
					(a)? Stanley
						((1))? Stanley
						    ((a))Prentice Stanley
        			e. Ruth Stanley (May 11, 1850)
        			f. Amy F. Stanley (Nov. 8, 1852)
			12. Hannah Stanley (1812)
			13. Gurley Stanley (1819-1858)
		D. Martha Stanley (Jan 7, 1773)
		E. Jesse Stanley (Nov 29, 1776)
		F. Rachel Stanley (Dec 18, 1778-Oct 27, 1782)
		G. Samuel Stanley (Dec 2, 1780-June 19, 1786)
		H. Jemima Stanley (Dec 24, 1782-Oct 27, 1789)
	Elijah Stanley (Oct 7, 1750)

William Stanley

Born: June 4, 1729 O.S.
Died: Nov 11, 1807 North Carolina
Married Nov 28, 1758 Elizabeth Walker (Sept 26, 1732 O.S.- Nov 9, 1807)
at Fairfax, VA. Elizabeth was the daughter of William and Sarah Walker of Loudon Co, VA.
Children: (T-v.1-p.516)(TT-17)
* Samuel Stanley (Sept 21, 1759 N.S.) married Sarah Williams
(see Samuel Stanley entry)
Hannah Stanley (Jan 2, 1762) married March 24, 1787 Thomas Benbow
Phebe Stanley (Nov 4, 1763) married Dec 31, 1804 Thomas Thornbrugh
Sarah Stanley (June 13, 1765) married Aug 6, 1794 George Hiatt
William Stanley (April 6, 1767-Aug 17, 1830) married May 6, 1795 Rebecca Clemman (?) (d. Oct 3, 1811)
A. Dianna Stanley (May 24, 1796)
B. Lusena Stanley (Sept 2, 1798)
Rebeckah Stanley (April 2, 1771) married Jan 17, 1795 Joseph Unthank (Westfield)
Abel Stanley (Oct 18, 1776) married Rachel Rayl (Westfield)
A. Matthew Stanley (Dec 25, 1799)
B. Phebe Stanley (Oct 13, 1801)
C. Anna Stanley (July 7, 1803)
D. Hannah Stanley (June 22, 1805)
E. Nathan Stanley (April 6, 1807)
F. Elizabeth Stanley (March 23, 1809)
G. Rebeckah Stanley (Feb 17, 1811)
H. Jane Stanley (Jan 12, 1813)
I. Sarah Stanley (June 14, 1815)
J. William Stanley (1817)
K. Naomy Stanley (Aug 14, 1819)
L. Mary Rayl Stanley (April 25, 1822)
William resigned as overseer of the Cedar Creek MM, Hanover Co, VA, and the family requested
transfer on Oct 18, 1764. They were received at New Garden, NC Dec 24. (T-v.1-p.52, v.6- p.270, 564)

Per Prentice N. Stanley:
"I need to tell you about your ancestor WILLIAM STANLEY, and his brush with GEORGE WASHINGTON.
In 1756, during the French & Indian War, there was seven young Quakers taken as draftees from
the Cedar Creek Meeting. 3 of the 7 were STANLEYs. William was among them. These 7 Quakers
were forcibly taken away, though they protested that they would not fight, nor participate in any
military affairs, being Quakers. Against their will, they were taken to Fort Louden, near Winchester, VA.
They staunchly refused to fight, nor to even answer the roll call, as that would be an admission that
they were in the military. The Colonel in charge of the fort was 24 year-old George Washington. He
commanded that if they would not fight, that they then be put to work in constructing the fort. They
also refused this, as it would still be against their religious principles. They were told that
they would be whipped if they did not obey. A sergeant was ordered to whip them, but he could not do it.

Some of the elders from the Cedar Creek meeting petitioned the Governor (Gov. Dinwiddie) to have
them released. Eventually, Washington said that, though he could not release them to go home, he allowed
the seven men to go live with some Quaker families in the town of Winchester. At the end of the war
they were "discharged" and allowed to go home. Washington said to them, "If I ever fall into your
jurisdiction, as you have mine, I hope you will treat me as fairly as I have you." (Washington mentioned
these Quakers, although not by name in some correspondence which is on the Internet. I will try to find the links and add them.)

Did you know that William and Elizabeth died as a result of an overturned buggy. Notice they died 2 day apart."


Born: Sept 21, 1759 N.S.
Died: Dec. 14, 1838, IN
Married Feb 14, 1781 Sarah Williams (May 10, 1763) at New Garden MM, NC
Children: (T-v.1-p.516)
Richard Stanley (Jan 3, 1782) married Nov 8, 1809 Abigail Foster
Isaac Stanley (Oct 22, 1783)
Joshua Stanley (Oct 24, 1875)
Elizabeth Stanley (March 5, 1788)
Dorcus Stanley (July 30, 1790) married June 6, 1811 George Hunt
Mary Stanley (Oct 22, 1792)
William Stanley (Jan 11, 1795-July 9, 1798)
Samuel Stanley (Feb 8, 1797) married Feb 26, 1818 Anna Bowman
Jesse Stanley (July 18, 1799)
William Stanley (July 18, 1799) (twin)
Sarah Stanley (Oct 31, 1801) married Nov 4, 1819 Newby Hunt (May 23, 1797)
son of Eleazar and Ann Hunt (?)(T-v.1-p.502)
* Nathan Stanley (Aug 9, 1806) married Phebe Hollingsworth
(see Nathan Stanley)

This family is recorded in the New Garden and Dover MM, NC. Several of the children transferred
to Union MM. Their marriage at New Garden MM was about one month prior to the battle of Guildford
County Courthouse in March 1781 which started near the meeting house and resulted in many wounded who
were cared for in the meeting house and many Quaker homes. Sarah's father Richard lived next to the
meeting house and died in May from smallpox he contracted while caring for the wounded.

As a young woman who had no children, Sarah probably worked along side her father caring for the
wounded, but we no confirmation of her activities.


Born: Aug. 9, 1806
Married Oct. 28, 1824 Phebe Hollingsworth (June 2, 1806) at Dover MM, in Guilford Co, NC.
Children: (T-v1-p590)
Nancy Stanley (Oct 5, 1825)
Sarah Stanley (Nov 11, 1826-June 1, 1828, infant)
* William P. Stanley (Nov 11, 1828-Nov 11, 1865) married Sarah F. Connor
Sarah J. Stanley (Nov 18, 1830) married April 11, 1850 William L. Rubottom
Isaac Stanley (Sept 23, 1832)
Cyrus K. Stanley (Sept 15, 1835) (Bloomfield, 1865)
Gulielma E. Stanley (May 22, 1837-July 4, 1866) married Hiram Coate
She was removed from membership at Honey Creek MM June 6, 1864 for marrying contrary to the discipline.
She protested this decision and continued to remain among the Quakers and is recorded as "living in our midst",
so she must have been a real determined gutsy lady. (T-v4-p268)
Eliza Ann Stanley (June 17, 1840-June 21, 1841, infant)
Eliza Jane Stanley (Jan 12, 1845) married April 10, 1867 William L. Moon at Plainfield MM.

The family transferred from Dover, NC back to New Garden, NC Nov 27, 1845. They are shown on the
1850 census, p.311, Southern Division, Guilford Co, NC. Nathan's occupation is farmer. Cyrus was the
oldest child then living at home. They transferred on to Spiceland MM, (Henry Co) IN Jan 19, 1853 and
on March 23, 1859 from Spiceland MM to Plainfield MM April 6, 1859. The family is shown in Hendricks County,
Indiana, Guilford Twp in the 1860 census. In 1860 Nathan's occupation is listed as laborer,
value of personal estate 10. A Nathan and Phebe requested transferred to Lawrence, KS Jan 31, 1877. I have not determined
if this is our Nathan and Phebe.


Born: Nov. 11, 1828 (T-pt.7-p.103)
Died: Nov. 14, 1865, will probated in Howard Co, Indiana on Dec. 7, 1865.
Married: Sarah F. Connor (1835-1892) (TS-Earlham)
Edward A. Stanley (1865-1958) married Dora B. McKibben
William's will was probated in Howard Co., Indiana on Dec. 7, 1865. The original will book
is missing, so only the court administration papers are available. The administrator was Wm Kenworth
with David Mills and Wm. L. Rubottom his "surretres". I presume this refers to William Kenworthy who
was Sarah's step- father and David Mills who was Sarah's half-brother. On Dec 19, 1866,
Wm Kenworth filed the settlement report. In the report it states that he put notices in the
Howard Tribune, published in Kokomo, IN, for ten days preceding the term. His death was described
in the Howard Tribune, Nov. 16, 1865. "On Saturday last, in the afternoon, a distressing
calamity occurred at the new Methodist Church in this place. W. P. Stanley, who has resided here
for about a year, was carrying braces up a ladder, inside the walls, when, as he reached nearly the
lst round, the piece of timber on his shoulder came in contact with one of the roof timbers and put
him over his balance. He fell to the floor, about twenty feet, stricking his back...He died in
less than an hour. He was about to quit work to go into the country to see a relative who was
dangerously sick. He was a brother-in-law to Mr. Rubottom and leaves a family who were absent at the
time of his terrible death. Mr. S. was a quiet, unassuming, industrious man. His unfortunate
death was deeply felt in the whole community and the family and friends have the sympathy of all."

A William Stanley is listed as an early settler of Howard Twp arriving in 1845. A William and
Nathan Stanley purchased land near Cassville: NE sec 6, near county line on the Wabash & St. Louis,
Pacific Railroad line on Sept. 1848. (NN-284,290)
A William Stanley made improvement to property at T24N, R4E, S8 & 9 - 55.00-60.00 N.


Born: June 19, 1865 in, Kokomo, Howard Co,Indiana
Died: May 13, 1958
Buried: Earlham Cemetery, Madison County, Iowa
Married Dora B. McKibben Feb. 12, 1889 at the residence of her parents near DeSoto, Dallas Co, Iowa
Ernest RAY Stanley (Jan 2, 1896, IA-June 2, 1957, KS) married Sarah Evans Turrentine in June 1926. (next entry) William Harvey Stanley (May 16, 1890, Earlham, IA-Feb. 5, 1967, Charles City, IA) married Jessie Mabelle May Stanley (June 11, 1894, Earlham, IA-Dec. 1, 1957, Waverly, IA) married Anderson. (Waverly,IA) (no children) Lyle Dale Stanley (Aug. 17, 1896, Earlham, IA) (Dubuque,IA)

He was listed with his mother Sarah on her transfer from Beech Grove In MM to Earlham, IA in 1890. He and Dora met at "singings". He was a tenor and she was an alto. He ran a grocery at McKinnley. He was a Republican. Per the obituary of his oldest son Ray, he was living in Charles City, IA in 1957.

Per the forward of the book of poems written by Mabelle May Stanley Anderson the children were: Lois Lucille Stanley married Stokes Lola Elizabeth Stanley Betty Anne Stanley Mary Anne Tracy Stanley Janice Kay Stanley (1941) Delores May Stanley Kathleen Suzanne Stanley James "Jim" Stanley married Mary Annee Herb Stanley George Stanley William "Billy" Stanley Ted Stanley William "Bill" Stanley

There are also poems about the Campbells who were very close friends: Margaret and Harold Campbell and their eleven children, some of whom are named: Robert Mike Campell, Donald LeRoy Campbell, Marjorie Anne Campbell, James William Campbell, Lawrence Joseph Campbell, Richard Thomas Campbell, Paul Dennis Campbell (1949), and Eileen Marie Campbell. I received a wonderfull email from Larry Campbell explaining the relationship and stating, "Mabelle used to write poems about our family, including our favorite, "Monday Morning at the Campbells". I have an original copy of Mabelle's poems and I bring it to our family get-togethers every few years so that we can remember growing up in such a great place as Waverly and with such great neighbors as the Stanleys."


Born: Jan 2, 1896 on the family farm near Waverly, Iowa
Died: June 1957 Topeka (Shawnee Co.), Kansas
Buried: Mount Hope Cemetery, just southwest of the chapel, under a tree.
Married Sarah Evans Turrentine June 1926 in Olathe, Kansas.
Dorothy Jean Stanley (March 3, 1928-Sept. 17, 2002, Topeka, Kansas)
married Edwin Richard Moore Jan 29, 1950, divorced July 1978.
A. Joyce Elaine Moore (1952, MO) married on May 12, 1971 Harold ROY Hodges (1951, KS)
1. Jerri Christine Hodges (1972) married Aug. 5, 1995 in Leavenworth, KS, Sean Robert Barr (1967) of Wichita, KS.
2. Jay Andrew Hodges (1974) married on Dec. 28, 1991 in Joplin, MO Samantha S. Dillon (1971). Divorced April 4, 1995, Joplin, MO.
a) Damien Dray Hodges (1992)
next Cindy Smith August 2000 in Oklahoma
b) Marshall McCoy Hodges (1999)
B. Stanley Edwin Moore (1954) married Karen Woods.
1. Jeana Christine Moore (1989) (adopted)
2. JoAnna Marie Moore (1992) (adopted)
C. Allen Richard Moore (1956) married Paula Montgomery.
1. William Robert Moore (1986)
2. Bethany Grace Moore (1988)
3. Jonathan Jeffery Moore (1990)
4. Abby Faith Moore(1993)
5. Lucus Ariel Moore (1995)
6. Timothy Isaiah Moore (1997)
7. Patience Moore (2000)
D. Glen Stuart Moore (1958) married on Feb. 14, 1993 Lori Brady, annulled.
E. Sandra Jean "Sandy" Moore (1963), single

Mildred Ruth "Pill" or "Millie" Stanley (1930, Topeka, Kansas) married William Ransom, divorced.
A. Kerry Ransom (1953), KS, CO, FL, MO
B. Todd Ransom, KS, CO, MO, CA, single

Millie remarried to Frank Pulver. They later divorced. She lives in Denver, CO. She was a salesperson, ski instructor. In retirement she remains active as an actress and art gallery owner/manager. At age 69 she was still skiing black slopes, but had given up the "extreme" slopes.

Ernest went by his middle name, Ray. One time I was told hat he was born south of Des Moines. This contradicts other statements that he was born in or near Waverly, Iowa. He dropped out of school after the eight grade, but was frequently mistaken for a college graduate because of the knowledge he acquired through reading. His favorite magazine was National Geographic. Ray worked on the farm near Waverly for a number of years. At one time he rode a motorcycle in the Motordrome at the fair. During WW I he served in the Navy on a mine sweeper off the coast of France. He was a short man. I can remember wearing his Navy uniform when I was in 7th grade as a costume. Returning home from the European theater, the troop ship he was on, the USS James, sank in a heavy storm. Ray was able to transfer to another ship in a boatswain's chair over the stormy waters, saving only a small bag of belongings. In the bag were two ceramic figurines from France. (In 2002, these figurines were passed down to his granddaughter Joyce Hodges.)

His exact occupations early in life are unknown. He did do well, as I recall someone remarking
that he owned the first car in town. He eventually built up a tree service company. At first he traveled
to find business, working at country clubs and estates. Later, he established the Stanley Forestry Company
in Topeka, Kansas. For 33 years this was the primary tree service in Topeka, caring for the trees at the
Capitol, the Governor's Mansion, Alf Landon's Estate, and many of the fine homes in Westborough. He had
the only crew with enough experience to string the Christmas lights in the large trees on the Capitol grounds.
During the depression he cleared lines for the power and light company, and the telephone company.
(This is per the family and to be confirmed by research through the Topeka papers at sometime in the future.)

Ray loved the outdoors. He enjoyed fishing and photography. One of the family rituals was a drive
in the country on Sunday afternoons. Often these trips included a hike in the woods. In 1946, he purchased
a partial interest in a Piper Cub J-3 through a flying club. Both he and his daughter Dorothy learned to fly.
He loved to travel, but WW II and business kept travel to a minimum. The family did go camping and took trips
to the north shore of Lake Superior, Colorado, particularly Estes Park, the Ozarks, and to his native Iowa.

He was a member of Lowman Memorial Methodist Church.

His sister Mabelle Stanley Anderson wrote a poem about the brothers service in World War I.
When I find it again and have time I will type it in under their picture below.

Three Stanley brothers in their WWI uniforms. US Navy Ernest RAY Stanley, US Army William Stanley, US Navy Dale LYLE Stanley. (This is from memory. I need to verify.)


Pictures from Dallas & Bremer Counties in Iowa

Picture of Charles Lindberg and Spirit of St. Louis, Iowa, 1927

Turrentine Family: Family of Earnest Ray Stanley's wife

Moore Family: Ray's oldest daughter Dorothy married into this family.

Hodges Family: Ray's oldest grandaughter Joyce Moore married into this family

Short version of primary ancestorial lines: Baker, Turrentine, Hodges, Stanley, and more

Surname List: Surnames, dates and locations for major names working on or cousins trying to contact

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