The Street Family has been traced back to RICHARD STREET/STRETE. He was "a clothier or cloth merchant in the village of Stogumber near the Quantock Hills in Somersetshire", England. He made a will Sept. 10, 1591, and added a codicil 28 March 1592. The will was probated Sept. 1592. (reg. Arch. Tauton). See the New England Genealogical register for information on Nicholas Street our immigrant ancestor.

My particular interest begins with Timothy Street born May 20, 1746, died Dec. 1, 1780/91, "in His Majesty's Service, during the "American War." Family oral tradition says he drowned in Lake Champlain. However, I have found no proof of his death.

Near the bottom of the page there is a link to the descendancy tree for Timothy's son Lockwood Street. This is my line.
Information, including a book, about Timothy's son Timothy is available from the Streetsville Historical Society Historical Society, PO Box 598, Streetsville, Ontario L5M 2C1, Canada. I highly recommend the book, but will assist you with lookups in that book, if you e-mail me. The text from some historical plaques located at Streetsville are located on at Plaques in Peel County, Ontario Go to plaques #8, 9 and 10 to find out about Timothy Street founder of Streetsville, brother to Lockwood.
I have some information on Timothy(SR)'s third son John if you are from that line. E-mail me, link below.

My oldest pictures are of Lockwood Street's great-grandchildren, both the children of Jacob Street and Julia Teetzel of Palmyra. The picture on the left is Joseph Lockwood Street (1834-1892) of Palmyra. His first wife was Hannah Teeple. After her death he married a widow Mary Jane (Hewson) Tait. These facts are given to prevent confusion with a cousin of the same name who lived about the same time. The lady is his sister Sarah Jane Street who married Thomas DeWitt. Joseph and Sarah Jane were raised on the farm granted to their father Jacob on old Talbot Road, by Lake Erie, in Orford Township, Kent County, Ontario, Canada. See lot #72 at this link.

The picture below is of the Street home, not as it looked when these two were raised, but many years later, after 1900. The original log cabin was found inside the walls when later remodeling took place. This is the house after 1903 when it was raised and a basement dugout underneath it.

Picture on left: Three generations of Streets, Mary Jane Hewson Tait Street (2nd wife of Joseph Street above, sitting), her youngest son, Thomas William Street (standing left) and his wife Margaret Stinson (standing right), generation missing is Elva Gertrude Street Moore, child is Gertrude's oldest son, Edwin R. Moore.

Picture on right: Four generations with Mary Jane Hewson Tait Street (right), her youngest daughter, Mattie Street Allen (middle), Mattie's daughter, May Allen (left) Rogers, and Mattie's only grandchild W. Ross Rogers.

Five generations Elva Gertrude Street Moore (sitting right), Edwin R. Moore (standing right), Joyce E. Moore Hodges (sitting left), Jay A. Hodges (standing left), Damien D. Hodges.
(Picture taken 1993. This Hodges family is from the US, TN, AR, MO.)

Four generations: Elva Gertrude Street Moore (center), Edwin Richard Moore (2nd from left), Joyce E. Moore Hodges (2nd from right), Jerri C. Hodges Barr (end left), Jay A. Hodges (end right). (Taken 1989)

Elva Gertrude "Trudy" Street celebrated her 102th birthday August 20, 2001 . She died in 2004 at 103. She was able to stay in her own home, thanks to my sister Sandra J. Moore. Sandy made a web page for Trudy Your Centenarian Connection, Ask Trudy

Picture of most of the family on the occassion of Gertrude's 90th birthday. (We were missing only 6 of her descendants that day. - August 1989, Topeka, Kansas)

August 21, 1999 near Bonner Springs, KS - 100th Birthday Party of Gertrude Street Moore. Total in attendance 53. All but two of her descendants were present, plus neice, grand-neice, great-grand-neice and great-grand-newphew from Ontario, Canada.


Descendancy Tree for Lockwood Street, grandfather of Joseph and Sarah Jane Street

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