Benjamin F. Taylor and wife Mary Wortman


Born:  Nov. 18, 1839, DeKalb Co, TN
Died:  Aug. 20, 1897, Pope Co, AR in a shootout with moonshiners.
Married Mary Morris "Polly" Wortman (Nov. 1834-Sept.19, 1901)

	The Arkansas Historical Commission was very helpful in locating the following information on Benjamin F. Taylor.
	The Arkansas Gazette, November 19, 1870: "...Fifth district--Searcy, Pope and Conway [counties]:  This district is claimed by both [political] parties.  A fair return of the votes will undoubtedly elect Keeton (lib[eral]), senator, and Breeden, Gray and King (conservatives), representatives.  The republican candidates are:  A. D. Thomas, senator; representatives, B. F. Taylor, --Hawkins, and ----.  Should the latter be declared elected, the former will no doubt contest their seats."  The Gazette, a Conservative (now called Democrat) paper, was apparently distressed that a Republican could win.
     The next item we found on Captain Taylor was a description of the incident which brought his death.  The Arkansas Gazette, August 31, 1897, after describing the events which led to Captain Taylor's death, wrote this about him:  "...Capt. B.F. Taylor, one of the slain deputies, is well known in Little Rock.  He represented Searcy County in the legislature in the early eighties.  He was a merchant and farmer and one of the richest men in Searcy County.  He was appointed a deputy soon after Henry M. Cooper took charge of the United States Marshal's office.  Those who knew him say he was courageous and intrepid and knew no such thing as fear.  The latter is born out by the fact that he fearlessly headed a posse into as dangerous a hot-bed of lawlessness as can be found anywhere."
     The Mountain Wave, published at Marshall on September 24, 1897, is the only paper we could find which mentioned the incident at Frog Valley -- or, it was sometimes called, Bull Frog Valley, the place where Captain Taylor was killed -- mentioned in a local paper: "When the news came to Marshall that Capt. Taylor and Joe Dodson had been killed in an attempt to capture an illicit still in Pope County, little was thought or known of how and when the first scouts which led to the tragedy were enacted, and as they now are slowly being revealed one can not surmise what may be hidden in the secret vaults of history.  From time to time, perhaps for years to come, threads will be woven into this fabric to make the woof and warp of it complete -- and yet the truth in its fullness may never be known.
	"An interesting chapter was added to the story the other day in Little Rock.  J. Alva Church was arraigned before Commissioner O'Hair (sic) charged with illicit distilling, as was also A. W. Hatley, postmaster at Latham, and J. E. Mabel, postmaster at Diamond, in Van Buren County.  At first nothing appears strange that officers of the government should be charged with complicity in unlawful business, but the connections of these two officers with this case is romantic.  Latham and Diamond are but country post offices situated near each other in the wild and rugged mountains lying between the east fork of Illinois creek and Red river.
	"It will be remembered that a few days prior to the tragedy officers had captured (some) Pope county moonshiners operating west of the Bruce gang and placed them in the State penitentiary for safe keeping.  Both of these postmasters wrote to the prisoners that "there will be an earthquake in England on the 28th", but, of course, their letters were intercepted by the prison officials, and but little attention was paid to them, until after the news of the killing of Taylor and Dodson, which occurred on the 29th, was received in Little Rock.
	"As the raid was intended to have been made on the 28th the coincidence was so striking that the officials were determined to investigate the matter, and Hatley and Mabel were arrested.  At the examination it was shown that all parties concerned were spiritualists and the mystical communications intercepted were but the predictions of a semi-prominent medium of Springfield, Mo., and the postmasters were released.  This explanation, however, is so ghostlike as to need something more tangible to even make it have the semblance of a  spirit.
	"Deputy marshals from Little Rock have made a number of arrests in that country, among the number being Crockett Metcalf, and Eli Calvin, Sam Church, J. H. McHaie and Ed Persons.
	"The most important capture, however, is that of Bruce, who, it is reported, was taken at Van Buren.  Bruce was one of the gang that done (sic) the killing, and will no doubt pay the penalty for his crime.
	"While the citizens of Searcy County deplore the death of Capt. Taylor and Joe Dodson, they also deplore the discredit of Searcy County.  While the killing was done in Pope county, the fact that Capt. Taylor lived in this county, and through the ignorance of newspaper correspondents, the crime is and will always be associated with Searcy county, though this county, nor any one in it, was responsible in any manner for the black page of history belongs to Pope, the paradise of moonshiners."
	In the same issue of the Mountain Wave, this item appeared:  "Deputy U.S. Marshal McCasland, who has lately been appointed, went to Little Rock Sunday with a Pope County moonshiner by the name of Millsap.  Millsap is suspected of knowing something about the Taylor-Dodson affair, but claims that he was not in the fight.  He admits, however, that he owns half interest in the still that was captured, which gives color to the opinion that he will stay in Little Rock for a while, at least."
	Also in the Mountain Wave, on September 24, 1897:  "A new office has been created in the internal revenue service and Collector H. L. Remmel has appointed Mr. W.P. Hodges, of this place, to the position, the commissioner of internal revenue has confirmed the appointment and we presume that Mr. Hodges will assume the duties of the office as soon as he returns from Missouri."
	"The creation of this office came about through the fatal raid on moonshiners in Pope county which resulted in the death of deputies Taylor and Dodson the latter part of August.  Mr. Hodges is a son-in-law of Capt. Taylor and the government has cleared the way for him to hunt down the perpetrators of the crime with all the powerful machinery of the government to aid him."
	The Marshall Republican had reported on July 1, 1987, his appointment to the position of marshall, less than 23 months prior to his death. (A-43)
	When it came to trial, Harve Bruce said he did all the shooting "under the mistaken idea that his life was in danger."  He received a 6 month sentence, " where he acted as guard on the outer wall. (A-52)
J. Harve Bruce appealed to the Arkansas Supreme Court, but the conviction was affirmed.  Bruce was later pardoned by the Governor Jeff Davis (68-Ark Supreme Court Reporter, p.310) (B- 136)	From other sources, it is known that Benjamin Taylor served with Company K, First Regiment, Arkansas Infantry.  His rank in this unit is given as Sergeant and First sergeant.  He was commissioned as a Captain, Company M, Third Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry (Union) from Calf Creek, Searcy County, Arkansas on February 14, 1864.  The unit was stationed at Lewisburg, Arkansas.  He has been credited with organizing them to protect his neighbors in Searcy County.  The book, Searcy County, My Dear by Sam McInturf gives many accounts of Captain Taylor's efforts in the Civil War.  Benjamin F. Taylor was honorably discharged June 13, 1865.
	The 1870 census shows his occupation as farmer, with real estate valued at $2,000 and property at $2,500.  In Sept. 1872, he was active in the Republican party. (A-170)  "B.F." owned a mill which exploded in 1879, killing four men, including his son-in-law Wade Campbell.  It was alleged that engineers had warned the boiler was liable to explode, but B. F. had Wade, a new engineer, running it against the entreaties of his friends.  (It seems a bit unlikely that B. F. would deliberately place Wade in danger, as Wade's death left B. F.'s daughter, Nancy a widow with three small children, and a fourth on the way. (A-280-281)  In Jan 1894, B. F. was reported to be trailing robbers headed toward Russellville. (A-90)

I.	Nancy Elizabeth Taylor (June 19, 1859-Aug 3, 1935) first married in 1875 Wade Campbell.  Wade Campbell was the son of John Campbell formerly of Giles county, TN.  (A-93-96 and p. for the story of John Campbell.)  Wade Campbell died December 22, 1879 in an explosion at his father-in-law's grist mill.  His son by previous wife, John Francis Campbell, continued to live with Nancy, as his mother, Idorrah "Dora" Castleberry (p.), had died soon after John's birth.  In the 1880 census Nancy is listed with Levastas and Benjamin and a nephew, W. E. Taylor, age 23, farmhand.  However, since Nancy had no brothers, I presume this is the son of one of Wade's sisters, as both Margaret and Emily Campbell married men named William Taylor.  Nancy's third son, Wade Campbell Junior, was born in 1880 after the census was taken.

	A. Levastas E. Campbell (Oct 1876 - 1958) spouse Charity Lou ? 
  1. 1. Ottie Campbell (Aug. 18, 1898-Aug. 22, 1989) (SSA Index, SSN 430-50-4828)married Roscoe Hamilton (Dec. 27, 1897-1973). a. Leo Hamilton (1923) b. John Roscoe Hamilton, Jr. (1927) c. Willie Mae Hamilton (1929) married ? Pruitt. B. Benjamin TAYLOR Campbell (22 July 1878-8 Oct. 1966)married 25 Aug 1899 Missouri ADA Folley (4 June 1893-5 Dec. 1961) (TS- Snowball). 1. William HERBERT Campbell (13 Nov. 1899) married 13 Jan 1935 Ruby Francis Sherrill (15 May 1907-27 May 1971), daughter of Richard Jackson Sherrill and Lucy ann McEntire. a. Helen Euphemiah Campbell (1935) married 12 Oct 1955 (divorced 26 Jan 1975) Dale Thomas Van Buren. b. Milida Ruth Compbell (1943) married 13 Apr 1963 James Clayton Bohannan, Jr. 2.Eva Agnes Campbell (14 May 1962-27 Dec 1977) married 19 Sep 1920 William Arlie Mays. a. Franklin Taylor Mays b. Troy Mitchell Mays 3.Thedford Hudson Campbell (25 Aug 1904-24 June 1948) (TS-Snowball) married 19 Jul 1940 Frieda Bishop. a. Lee Campbell 4. Eula Willis Campbell (May 5, 1907) married Henry Box. a. Maurice Dale Box married unknown Overlees. b. Mary Sue Box first marriage was to Al Williams. (1). Susanna Elizabeth Williams (2). Wynter Marie Williams Second marriage was to Jack Miller 5. Mary Campbell (31 Oct 1909-4 Oct 1911) (TS-Snowball). 6. Helen Marie Campbell (1921) married 30 Mar 1943 Isaac Eugene Snow. C. Wade Campbell, Jr. (1880-1899) Nancy E. married a second spouse, Dr. Sparlin Pinkney Ruff (born September 16, 1856-1942), on March 9, 1882. D. Samuel C. Ruff (Oct 1884 - 1949) married Savannah Gates. 1. Lenvil C. Ruff married Louella (?). 2. Loy Ruff 3. Boyd Ruff married Modena Boatwright. 4. Ulis Ruff married Winnie Wallis. 5. Okla Ruff married Kate Sloan. 6. Lois Ruff E. Daniel W. "Danny" Ruff (Nov 1887-1945) married Susan Wilkerson. 1. Charles Ruff F. Seth Ruff (Aug. 26, 1889-Sept. 1974)(SSA Index) married Maggie Hensley. 1. Nina Ruff 2. Delmer Ruff Seth married seconod Mary Drucilla Courtney. 3. Benjamin Franklin Ruff
    4. Modena Ray Ruff
    5. Seth Ruff
    6. Margie Ruff
    7. Danny Ruff
    8. Mattie May Ruff
    G. David A. Ruff (Aug. 8, 1891-Aug. 1972, WY)(SSA Index) married Virginia Simmon.
    1. Leona Ruff 2. Kenneth Ruff H. Mary ETHEL Ruff (Sept 1893-1970) married Luther Arnold. 1. Opal Arnold married Darwin Philo Taylor (July 25, 1908-July 28, 1949) (B-99 & TS-Snowball). a. Phil O. DUANE Taylor (March 15/9, 1934-Feb 20, 1935) (TS-Snowball). b. Mary Alice Taylor 2. Ruff Arnold 3. Johnny Arnold 4. Leona Arnold 5. Betty Jo Arnold 6. James Arnold 7. Mary Sue Arnold I. Sarah BETHEL Ruff (Oct 1896) married John Symons. 1. Janice Symons 2. Charles Symons 3. Edgar Symons J. Elfa Ruff (1900) married James E. Ferguson. 1. Hilda Ferguson 2. Elda Ferguson 3. Sparlin Ferguson 4. David Jackson Ferguson 5. Vance Ferguson 6. Lee Dale Ferguson II. Martha Frances Taylor (July 17, 1860-May 30, 1937) married Dec. 25, 1881, William Washington Jaco (Dec. 22, 1855-March 22, 1948) (TS-Snowball). He was the son of Jesse Holder Jaco and Elizabeth White. A. Arizona Boxberry Jaco (May 10, 1883 - February 14, 1937) on March 3, 1901, married Leander "Lee" C. Drewry (October 7, 1870-1945) at home of her parents in Snowball. (TS-Snowball) Arizona was described as "Snow Ball's fairest and amiable young ladies, beloved by all who know her. The groom is the popular bookkeeper of the firm of J. W. Aday & Son, well-known for his uprightness and honesty." (A-101-102) He was the son of G. W. Drewry and Tabetha Dean. He served as postmaster, owned his own store, and owned 300 acres which he rented on shares. He was Free and Accepted Masons, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and Woodmen of the World. He is listed as a Republican and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Arizona was member of member of Order of the Eastern Star. (AP-633) 1. Grace Drewry (May 29, 1903, Marshall-Jan 25, 1988) August 29, 1920, in Snowball, married James Garland Jones (July 10, 1899-July 18, 1980, OK). They lived at Springdale, AR. (SSA Index, SSN 430-24-2301) James is the son of Isaac Jones and Martha Ferguson. a. Garvin Lee Jones (May 20, 1922-June 1987, MO) (SSA Index) in February 1948 married Lucille Phillips (Feb. 1948). (1) Vernon Jones (1949) (2) Shirley Jones (1951) (3) Janet Jones (1952) b. James G. Jones, Jr. (January 16, 1924-July 1980, OK) never married. Retired from the United States Air Force, and worked at VA hospital in Fayetteville, AR. c. Gerald M. Jones (1925) on December 24, 1949, married Annabelle Palmer. Retired United States Navy. (Sulivan Springs, AR) (1) Barbara Jones (1951) (2) John Jones (1953) (3) Gerald M. Jones, Jr. (1956) (4) Richard Jones (1959) d. Paul I. Jones (1928) on October, 7, 1951, married Jo Ann Hardage, daughter of Olen Hardage. Paul served 4 years in United States Navy. (Kansas City, MO) (1) Anetia Lou Jones (1953) (2) Paula Jones (1958) (3) Sandra Jones (1958) (4) Paul I Jones, Jr. (1960) e. Bill O. Jones (1931) on July 29, 1959, married Euda Lawrence. He served four years in the United States Army. (Tulsa, OK) (1) Palma Sue Jones (1961) (2) Stephen Oscar "Billie" Jones (1964) f. Francis Doyle Jones (1933) on March 24, 1953 married Lorine Morris daughter of Loyd Morris. (Oakland, CA) (1) Frances Jones (female-March 24, 1954) g. Arizona Grace Jones (1937) on Dec. 25, 1955, married James Penland, paster of a Baptish Church. (Chickasha, OK) (1) James Lee "Jimmy" Penland, III (1956) (A) Lisa Penland (1981) (B) Kevin Penland (1984) (C) Robyn Penland (1989) (2) Tom Edgar "Tommy" Penland (1957) h. George W. Jones (1940) married Roberta Smith, daughter of Jack and Ida Smith. (CA) (1) Brian Jones (1970) (2) Kevin Jones (1972) B. Alvus LaFayette Jaco (Dec. 16,1884, Snowball-Dec 26, 1973) Dec. 10, 1905, married S. E. "Lizzie" Rea (Sept. 18, 1888- March 23, 1974). 1. Garrett Justus Jaco (Jan 28, 1908-July 20, 1964) on Aug 12, 1928, married Gladys Mae Dougherty. (divorced) a. Mary Jean Jaco (1929). b. Patricia Ann Jaco (1943) c. Daniel Edward Jaco (1947) 2. Ola Jaco (Aug 4, 1910-Jan 17, 1914) Nov. 3, 1931, married Garland Drewry. a. Donald J. Drewry (July 4, 1932-Feb 8, 1944). b. Bobby Gene Drewry (1934) c. Dorothy Aliene Drewry (1936) d. Douglas LeRoy Drewry (1942) 3. Edith Opal Jaco (Dec 23, 1913-Dec. 23, 1977) married April 15, 1945, Roy Samuel Rowlett. a. Shirley Ann Rowlett (1948) 4. Ova Jaco (1919) on July 25, 1941, married James Enid Phifer. a. Barbara Elaine Phifer (1943) Aug 17, 1960 married Thomas George Russell. (divorced) b. Carolyn Sue Phifer (1944) June 18, 1964, married Johnny Rex Wilson. c. Billie Dale Phifer (1946) April 30, 1965, married Doris Rae Young. d. Donald Ray Phifer (1949) e. Glenda Fay Phifer (1949) twins. second marriage-Aug 18, 1933 to Cynthia Elizabeth (?) (Aug 17, 1888) C. Chester Arthur Jaco (Nov 2, 1886-April 28, 1911, AR) (SSN 432- 34-4166) married Mertey Martin (May 5, 1889-April 14, 1966). 1. Eula Jaco (1906) May 15, 1926 married Luther LaFayette Holstead. a. Darius Lean Holstead (1927) on Feb. 19, 1944, married Frankie Dell Warden. (1) James Leon Holstead (1944) on Aug. 23, 1964, married Joyce Phillips. (2) Jay Frank Holstead (1949) (3) David Luther Holstead (1952) (4) Bruce Wayne Holstead (1956) b. Polly Kathryn Holstead (1929) Sept. 3, 1950, married George Harold Rea. (1) Daniel Mark Rea (1952) (2) Gregory Parker Rea (1954) (3) Blake Courtney Rea (1956) 2. Alva Jaco (1909) Nov 30, 1930 married Rufus Boyd Griffin. a. James Boyd Griffin (1935) December 23, 1962 married Carol Taylor. (1) Carolyn Jane Griffin (1964) (2) Laura Kathryn Griffin (1965) D. Silas Clifford Jaco (March 26, 1890 - Sept 19, 1960) Dec 24, 1910, married Vertie Idella Castleberry (Feb 16, 1892-Dec 19, 1960) (p.) 1. Sylvia I. Jaco (Sept 15, 1913/1915) Oct 23, 1932, married David Houston Barnett (April 14, 1911-July 1986, AR) (SSA Index) a. Clifford Houston Barnett (1953) married Patricia Terpening. E. Alma Ola Jaco (May 4, 1892-Feb 18, 1905) (TS-Snowball). F. Benjamin Franklin Jaco (Feb. 17, 1890-Sept. 28, 1987) on July 25, 1915, married Ethel Ollie Van Gray (Dec 12, 1896-Jan 1987, MO) (SSA Index, SSN 432-38-9140). Ethel was the daughter of Frank Gray and Mary Williams.] 1. Willie Joyce Jaco (April 13, 1916-Nov. 14, 1993) on March 26, 1932, married Paul Taft Castleberry (Feb 7, 1908). a. Morris Dale Castleberry (1934) married Barbara Edmonson. (1) Sandra Sue Castleberry (1952) married first David Parker, married second Dean Owens, married third Doug Wilson. (2) Larry Dale Castleberry (1954) married Debra. (a) Taylor Castleberry (daughter) (3) Calvin Dean Castleberry (1957). b. Margaret Sue Castleberry (May 6, 1937-May 8, 1937) c. Nita Lou Castleberry (1955) married Scott Meadows. (1) Gabriel Hanson Meadows (2) Heather Meadows Nita married second Mike Jackson. (3) Jordon Jackson (4) Parker Jackson G. Doyle Holder Jaco (Nov 11, 1903-April 25, 1989) (SSA Index) on Jan 28, 1922, married Orpha Gray (Aug 24, 1902). 1. William Franklin Jaco (1924) married Dorothy T. Smith (1924). a. William Franklin Jaco (1943) b. John Jaco (1949) c. Brenda Jaco (1955) 2. Norman Lewis Jaco (1928) married Glendora Begeley (1929). a. Cynthia Louise Jaco (1953) b. Jackie Sue Jaco (1955) c. Stanley Scott Jaco (1959) III. Charity/Cinthia A. Taylor (Nov. 27, 1863-Dec. 22, 1868). IV. Mary Lucretia Taylor (Feb 25, 1867-Nov 11, 1921) married December 17, 1882, William Pressley Hodges.


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