12th World Conference of Girl Guides & Scouts - 1948

Did your mother or grandmother participate in the 12th World Conference, The World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts, Cooperstown, NY, August 13-23, 1948?
If so her picture may appear amoung those taken by my mother, Dorothy Jean Stanley "Stan". I have more pictures and will add as I have time.
To aid search engines, here are the names I have found in her souvenir book, diary, or reference photos. If one of them is your ancestor, contact me and I will scan the information for you. Feel free to print pictures off this web site. I have not had time yet to transcribe her diary. Helon Niotta, San Paulo, Brazil
Lucia, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Teca, Salvador, Bahia
Inez M., Hackensack, NJ
Alice St. James, "Jamesie", Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Phebe, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Blanche, Three Rivers, Quebec, Canada
Gerry Smith, Omaha, NE
Marie Eaton, Stewiache, Nova Scotia, Canada
Eleanor Bierly, Ellie Bierly, Endicott, NY
Betty, British Columbia, Canada
Lady Baden-Powell

World Conference Aides, 12th World Conference, Cooperstown, NY, Aug. 4-23, 1948

Mrs. Maria Luisa A. Vicente

Representatives from Brazil, Italy, Philippines, Switzerland in top picture, Norway in bottom picture.

Lady Baden-Powell throwing the ball agt the State Championship Baseball Game.


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