This is an alphabetical list of the many family surnames that I am working on and distant cousins I am trying to contact. After the surname will be dates and locations. As I make pages about a family I will add links to those pages.

ADAMS - MD 1806, OH - 1816, IA - 1859, ID - 1880?

ALLEN, Frank T. m. Martha Jane "Mattie" Street (b. 1866). Frank had sister "Belle", Ontario, CANADA.

Allen, Elizabeth "Betsy" Allen (1811), dau. of Hezikia and Martha m. Taylor in TN.

ANDERSON - of Ostergottland, Sweden and Iowa. Later St. Louis, MO. In the US only the girls had offspring: Lippelmann and Nortfeld. In Sweden, one brother had children. The family continues in Sweden through the Larssons of Vikingstad.

BAKER - NC-1775, TN-1801, AL-1810, AR-1835, Some died Mt. Meadows Massacre, UT-1857

BEALS - MD-1746-Quaker

CASTLEBERRY, cousins in Searcy Co., AR have copies of their ancestors

CONNER - SC 1805 to OH 1806, IN 1834- Quaker

COOK, Isaac m.1734 Mary Houghton at the Kennett MM, dau. Dinah m. John Wilson in Chester Co., PA - Quakers

DAVIS - OH- 1813

DeWITT - Thomas married Sarah Jane Street-for picture of Sarah Jane see Street page.

DeSHAZO - France, VA-@1720, AR prior to 1850

DUGGER - TN-1825, MO-1852

EDWARDS - NC-1768, ?TN-1801, ?AL=1810

ELLIS - TN 1785, 1812

FURNAS - 1736 Cumberlandshire, ENG, SC 1763, OH 1830

GRAY - TN 1802, AL 1856

HENSLEY - VA, NC-1785, TN-1825

HEWSON - Yorkshire, ENG-1813, Ontario, Canada-1846

HILLS - Kent Co, Ontario, CAN

HODGES: 3 children orphaned mid 1830's enroute to AR from TN, oral history ties to Iron Mt, TN, Tupelo, MS and GA

HOLLINGSWORTH - SC 1800, NC 1801-Quaker

HUTCHINS - VA-1702-Quaker

JACO - descendant's of B. F. Taylor's dau. AR(see Taylor page below)

JONES - Martha born 1805 VA, married Turrentine 1830 Morgan Co. AL

KEOWN - N. Ireland-1800, by 1832 Victoria Co., Ontario, CAN

LAYMAN - Mary b. 1817 OH, m. 1892 McKibben in OH

I have not started my Layman page, so here is a good one. It includes scans of old bible records.

LIPPELMANN - From Wallenbrucke in Westphalia, Germany to US in 1850, and later, at least 3 brothers and a cousin or to. First to Cincinnati, OH, then St. Louis, MO. 1st cousins once removed to Kansas.

LOGAN - TN 1814, MO - after 1840

LOUNSBURY or LOUNSBERRY - CT-1812, Ontario, Canada 1850, IL 1920

McBRIDE, Andrew m. Nancy Hensley in Yell Co., AR

McCOMBS, Rufus m. Hannah, Dau. Sarah b. Ontario, Canada 1850

McKIBBEN - OH 1812, IA 1855

MILLS, Catharine/Katherine b.1810/12 m. near Lindsay

MOORE- alleged Irish, Ontario-1840, possibly NY in 1842, back to Victoria Co.-before 1851, Kent Co.-1890

MORGAN said to have lived "down-east at Morganstown and Cramke", Ontario, in 1870s, previously from NE US

MORRIS, DE or MD-1766, NC-1780 Isaac Cahal, TN-1816, AR-1839

NEECE/Neese - TN 1782, 1800, 1816

REYNOLDS, Henry John "Harry" Reynolds m. 1877 Hannah Amelia Street-Ontario, CANADA

ROGERS , Herb (1877) m. Mary Isabel "May" Allen (1887). Rogers came from Chippewa Falls, WI, grandfather organized company for Civil War

RUFF - descendant's of B. F. Taylor's dau. AR (see Taylor below)

SCARLETT -Kent Co., ONT 1870

SHERODD - Taney Co., MO some moved to Wyoming & Montana after 1910

SIMPKINS, Alexander (b. 1823) m. Martha Street (died 1892) Kent Co., Ontario

SMITH, Ben (b. 1869-d. 1938) m. Kate Moore, Ontario, Canada
(See Moore above) Smith, Bob m. Kate Keown (b. 1853) Ontario, Canada
Smith, Dan m. Hannah Keown (b. 1855) Ontario, Canada
Smith, Rachel, daughter of Joseph Smith and Hannah Moore
Smith, John (1754-1826) married Hannah Wilcox (1759-1838) His descendants of interest to me:
son of John Smith, Benjamin (1783-1850) and Catherine Shook.
son of Benjamin Smith, John Henry (1809-1863) m. Martha Street
dau. of Benjamin Smith, Lavinia (1805) m. William Moore.
son of John Smith, Joseph (1781) m. Margaret Moore of Grimsby.

STANFIELD, Frances PA-1677, dau Deborah m. Richard Woodward

STANLEY - VA-1719, NC-1764, IN-1853, IA-1890 - Quakers

STEWART - Sterlingshire, Scotland-1799, Kent Co., Ontario, Canada-1842

STINSON - Scotland-1766, Enniskillen, Ireland-before 1819, Ontario, CANADA-before 1839

STREET - Sommersetshire, ENG-1591, CT-1637, NY-1772, Ontario, CANADA- 1800, descendants in many parts of US & Canada

Tacker/TACKETT/Tacquet, NC-pre 1800, TN

TAYLOR - NC-1799, GA-1800, TN-1808, AR-1858

TEEPLE - Hannah m. 1857 Joseph Street in Kent Co., ONT, Canada

TEETZEL- Germany-1762, NJ-1780, Grimsby, ONT, Canda-1800, cousins dispersed west in Canada and US

TURRENTINE - Ireland 1717, PA-1745, NC-1763, TN - 1817, AL - 1820, IL - 1865, MO 1880

Another TURRENTINE homepage - linked to the Turrentine Family Historians & the Turrentine Family Letter
TURRENTINE - Turrentine Newsletter and Reunion Website

WALKER, Robert of PA, dau Matilda b. 1829, m. 1847 in OH to Stephen Adams

WALKER, Wm & Sarah MD to VA 1745, dau. Elizabeth m. 1758 Wm. Stanley-Quakers

WATKINS - VA-1664-Quaker

WILKINSON - Mary b. 1742 in Wigton, Cumberlandshire, ENG

WILLIAMS - MD-1726, NC-1746 - Quakers

2nd Williams family - NC 1806, TN 1850, 1860

WIL(L)SON - Yorkshire, ENG - 1690, West Meade, Ireland, NJ-1712, DE-1718, PA-1759, SC-1770, OH, Earlham,IA - Quakers

WILLSON/CHURCH - Ontario, Canada early 1900s - family photo

WOODWARD - Yorkshire, ENG - 1609, Cheshire-1636, PA-1687

WORTMAN - NC-1788, some to AR in early 1800's


Taney County, Missouri - help identify pictures

Kent County, Ontario Canada

Pictures around Orford/Palmyra, Kent County, Ontario Canada

Pictures from Iowa, primarily Dallas and Bremer Co.

Two pictures, labled 1927, Iowa - Lindberg and Spirit of St. Louis

Creative endeavors of my immediate MOORE Family
- snow and ice sculpture, stainglass, woodcarving, coming - paintings, photos gingerbread houses, quilts, afghans, hand-hooked rugs

Page of links to Snow and a few Ice Sculptures

Photos of a few gingerbread houses the family has made.

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