This is a styrofoam carving done at the request of friends in 1997. It was designed from their vision (or was it a
hallucination?) to serve as a masthead of a ship for "The Crooked Toad Tavern" at the Three Baron's Faire
in Anchorage, Alaska. It is 8 feet high. If you want to see "Ethel Mertoad" in person, the Anchorage Faire
runs the first two weekends in June. After consuming a few dark ales at the tavern she will no doubt tell
you tales of the mysterious pond from which she arose. Be sure to tell Captain Red Legs and
Fricasse Frolic Hello from her creator! The mertoad gained another life when she
appeared on the commemorative beer mug for 2002.

I lived in Alaska for 10 years. I wanted to work with whale bone, a medium native Alaskan
Indians use for sculpture. This mask is carved from a fossilized disc of cartilage called an oozeva
which is located between the vertebrae of the whale. As a non-native I am only allowed to sculpt
this medium and may not sell my work. The hair is horse's tail, it hangs straight down during
display (I had to curl it up to get it on my scanner). Mask is around 7 inches in diameter.

My favorite class in college was an art history class: Calligraphy of China & Japan, taught by Stephen
Addiss. One story he told us was of a mad monk who used his long hair as a brush to write characters
on the walls of the monastery. At the end of the semester we were required to present a piece for
exhibit in the art library. I decided to use my own hair, long at the time, to write the character for
"hair on head" --- after I did the piece I cut off the end of my hair and mounted it with the work.

When I moved in with my grandmother I just had to splash some color
around her white house. I got permission to paint the birdhouse and a door.

Raku 1980's

This is a self-portrait taken in college.
My sister added it to this page when she deleted some other pages to make room for her horses and family genealogy.

Sandra Moore

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